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Windows10 driver problem

Since the update to Windows 10 all USB drivers need to be signed by Microsoft.  The D-line scanner has a controller inside that is connected to the PC over USB and has a driver.  This driver has been developed before Windows10 was released and is not signed. This only makes it a bit more difficult to install it but it is still possible.

An unforeseen disadvantage of this installation is that when Windows10 does an update, there is a big risk that it will remove the driver for the scanner.  When this happens the scanner will not start and give an error that the serial number can't be read (or display error 1225). At this moment the driver should be installed again using a special procedure.  If you follow the procedure correctly, this only takes a few minutes.


New procedure!

  1. Open command prompt with administrators rights.
  2. Type: 'bcdedit/set testsigning on' and hit enter.
  3. Close the command prompt and restart the pc.
  4. You can reinstall the driver.

Method 2

In order to be able to install unsigned drivers, the system needs to be restarted in a special mode: 

  1. Go to the Windows start icon at the left lower corner and click on the power button. 
  2. While holding down 'shift' click on 'Restart'
  3. In the blue windows screen, choose 'Troubleshoot'
  4. In the next screen choose 'Advanced options'
  5. Choose 'Startup Settings'
  6. click 'Restart'
  7. When the PC starts again you will see another blue screen with 9 options.  On the keyboard press 7.
  8. Make sure you are logged in as Administrator to be able to install software and drivers.

Windows is now allowing to install unsigned drivers.

Important!  Go to the device manager and look for the entry 'Semis Stepper Controller'. In case you can't find this device in the device manager, unplug the USB for the controller and plug it in another USB slot of the PC. It should appear in the device manager.  If you don't know how to install the driver, please contact your distributor or Imetric support.