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All in One scanning

All in One scanning is developed to reduce the amount of different scans for models and dies that can be mounted in the scanner at the same time. This is really convenient for quadrant models with separate dies, but full arch models can fit inside the scanner too. Use the big support plate and BluTack to mount the models and keep the models and dies inside the big circle on the plate. This video shows the complete workflow:

Dentures scanning

When selecting Denture in combination with TBBlock (TopBottomBlock), the scanner will take a 360 degrees scan of the full denture. Mount the denture in the TBBlock and place it vertically inside the scanner (denture with facial side upwards). In the Add view interface you can reposition the TBBlock to capture undercuts. Hold the 'Alt' key on your keyboard while double clicking in the 3D screen to detect the new position of the TBBlock. This video shows the complete workflow of lower and upper denture scan with repositioning to occlusion:

Articulator Adapter Plates

To scan 2 models that have been articulated you can use the Imetric Articulator Adapter Plates. Mount them once in your articulator and keep them with the scanner. Instructions on mounting them in the articulator can be found here. This video shows the complete workflow of lower and upper model using the Articulator Adapter Plates:

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