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Start scan interface

After you clicked a scan job button the scanner will initialise and show you a live view inside the scanner. Now you can mount the object(s) in the scanner.
The software will do an automated brightness selection. This is based upon the amount of dark and light objects inside the scanner. In case the object is too dark or you can see many red points on the object in the live view, change the brightness with the slider below the live view window.

The Start Scan interface offers a few more options, depending on the scan job.

Scan strategy offers 3 different settings for the actual scanning:

  • Standard: optimised for speed. Minimum amount of views to capture the entire model/impression.

  • Complex: Some additional views are included in the automatic scanning for more complex models/impressions.

  • Extreme: The scan will take longer as more views are included to capture from many angles.

Height check:
The height check button brings the model/impression perpendicular to the cameras and projects an axsis cross in the live view. This can guide you to raise the table to to most optimal scanning height for the model/impression. Try to keep the parts in the middle of the window.

Additionally you can change the bottom of the scanvolume in the Height Check position. This will prevent the scanner from scanning parts of the modelholder or supporting plates.
Simply use the up- and down arrows on the left side of the live view to raise or lower the bottom of the volume. Alternatively you can use the up- and down key on your keyboard. The bottom of the volume is projected as 2 red/orange arches in the live view. The red arch is the front edge of the cylinder bottom. Keep this edge just below the area you want to capture.

Note: If you don't activate the Height Check, the full volume will always be scanned.

During scanning you can restart the scan process which will bring you back to the start scan interface, or stop the scan process. If you stop the scan process you can go back into the Project interface, back into the scan job or stop the complete project with the stop button at the top of the screen.

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