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Add views interface

When the scanning is finished, you will arrive in the add view interface. Automatically the post processing will begin in the background.
You can inspect the scan for potential missing data. To add a view it is recommended to double click in the 3D view at the view position that would best capture the missing data. You can see in the live view if the cameras can see the missing area and optionally change the brightness. Then click on the add view button. There is also an add views (multiple) button that will capture 6 extra views at the current elevation by rotating the part 60°.

Right Mouse Button: Rotate

Both mouse buttons: Pan

Scrollwheel: Zoom

Note: It is possible to change the mouse buttons. Right click in the 3D screen and choose navigation styles. Imetric recommends to keep the default navigation style which is the same as in exocad.

Optionally you can cut away scan data with the cut mesh tool. Select an area and select to 'Cut selected' or 'Cut unselected'. If you want to select more data click 'Select region' or the 'S' key on the keyboard.

When finished, click the 'Accept scans' button on the left lower side of the live views. Adding views or cutting data will interrupt the post processing.
When you click 'Accept scans' the post processing will start again and you can move on to the next scan job.
If there is no other scan job, wait until the post processing is done and then go to the Finish page.

IScan3D Dental V9 allows for post processing in the background while you are scanning the next scan job.
This feature saves a lot of time. As soon as you arrive in the Add Views interface of the first job, inspect the scan and if everything is ok just click on the next scan job button to start the scan.
Your first case will be post processed in the background and you can simply continue to scan.

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