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We provide second line support for our global team of distribitors and resellers. If you can't resolve the problem with the help on this page, please contact your distributor.

In case you need support directly from Imetric, please send an email to:
Our support team operates from different places all over the world, with this email address you will be assisted as soon as possible.  Our standard language is English but support in Spanisch, French, German, Portugese, Mandarin and Dutch is available as well. Please include the scanner serial number, a short description of the problem and Teamviewer ID and password in the mail.


In case your scanner is showing an error or is no longer working, one of the topics here might be the cause.  Click on the links to see more information.

IScan3D manual

The IScan3D software is developed for ease of use and fast scanning results.  Imetric recommends 1 day of training at time of purchase of the scanner. In order to assist you in your operations we provide an online manual which handles the most important features.

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