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Combining accuracy with reliability and simplicity

Based on decades of experience in industrial metrology, the provider of the most accurate scanner in the dental market –Imetric 3D SA – has developed a new, affordable and accurate scanning system for use in the dental laboratory. The IScan L1 is the scanner for standard indications like crowns and bridges, partials, dentures, inlays/onlays etc. Important: It can be upgraded to the version L1m, which is also capable of scanning implant models for the production of custom abutments and multi-implant restorations, in addition to the afore mentioned standard indications. In case even more precision is needed, the system can be upgraded to L1i with industrial accuracy.

Due to open data formats, the L1 Scanner Series is compatible with multiple CAD software solutions, providing the user with diverse options and solutions. The new scanning software offered by Imetric stands out due to simplified handling and higher scanning speed.


L1m -- L1i
L1m - L1i