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IScan3D Dental Manual

IScan3D Dental V9

IScan3D Dental V9 is a standalone 3D scanning software produced by Imetric 3D exclusively for the Imetric 3D scanners. You can find an overview of the available scanners on the overview page.

This tutorial explains the functions and workflows inside IScan3D Dental V9. For instructions on how to use, maintain and support the Imetric scanner hardware please see the Hardware section.

Standard functions

Click on the tabs below to learn how to use IScan3D Dental V9.

Getting started

Project interface

Start scan interface

Add view interface

Finish scans and mesh tools

Full workflows

Click on the Workflows tab below to learn different complete scanning workflows in IScan3D Dental V9.


CAD integration

Find out more about the way IScan3D Dental V9 works with different CAD software.

CAD integration