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Finish interface

When the scans are done and processed you can enter the Finish interface. All mesh manipulations and extra functions can be found here.

The Tree view lists all meshes in the project. You can individually hide/show them by clicking on the 'eye' icon in front of the name.
Left click on the name will select and activate the mesh. You can apply functions like cut mesh or hole filling on active meshes.
Alternatively you can activate a mesh by left click on the mesh in the 3D screen. Activate multiple meshes in the list by holding SHIFT (complete list between clicks) or CTRL (add individual meshes). In the 3D screen you can only use the CTRL key.

Right click on a name in the Tree view will give you additional options like:
- Rename
- Change transparency
- Delete (will only work on imported meshes)

The tool bar at the bottom of your screen offers you all available options for the available meshes. Depending on the type of mesh some functions might be disabled (grey).

Split All in One jobs.
This function comes automatically when you accept the scan of the All in One job in the Add View interface.

Additionally you can start it from here.

Vestibular alignment.
Align the lower and upper mesh of your model or impression the the vestibular job to bring them in occlusion.

The software will perform an auto alignment first. The success of this alignment is depending of the orientation of the different models during scanning and the amount of data points. For best results always position the models with vestibular direction towards the cameras.

If the auto align doesn't succeed you need to select common points on both meshes as shown in this video.

Die alignment.
Align the separate dies from the Smart Die scan to the model scan or the vestibular scan.

Free alignment.
Align 2 meshes that have moved between scans or align an imported mesh to a scanned mesh.



Implant positioning.
Position the implants from the library. You can use the original exocad library to position the implants.


Model Base creator.

IScan3D V9 Dental offers basic model builder functionality. Detailed info can be found further in the manual.


Merge imported meshes.

Subtract model scan from Gingiva. Optionally this function can also be used to subtract any mesh from another.

Cut mesh.

Fill holes

Restore to original


Undo 1 step


Redo 1 step


Select export orientation for different CAD


Import external mesh.

Export an specific mesh to a directory on the pc.


Finish project and save all meshes to the defined project folder.


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