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Imetric 3D presents the future of implant impression taking: ICam4D


    Measure the implant positions chairside and benefit from these advantages:

    • Exclude inaccuracies coming from the impression and master model fabrication
    • Save time by going digital and save the transport time and costs
    • Have the same high accuracy every time again, independent of the operator
    • Minimise the chairtime by measuring in approximately 10 seconds and take additional intra-oral scan or simple impression.


    Imetric will start to implement the ICam4D in workflows together with partners starting January 2018.  If you are a Dental Profesional, milling center or CAD/CAM manufacturer and are interesting to work with us to integrate the ICam4D please click here to contact us.


    Check out the videos from our live event in ACTA Amsterdam on November 15th 2017

    Introduction of event and Imetric 3D

    Prof. Daniel Wismeijer (ACTA) on the history of impression taking
    The development of the ICam4D
    Dr. Ali Tahmaseb on digital workflows for implant dentistry and the role of ICam4D in these workflows
    Presenting and demonstration of the ICam4D